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No One Starts At The Top
There are different types of people who exercise. Some are starting or returning to exercise. Others religiously go to the gym but make no significant progress.  I love those who want to take their fitness to the next level and be as fit as they can be. Whichever you are, there is a process to develop your fitness or take it to a higher level. TFO utilizes several  tools to guide and monitor your current condition, your progress and your success. One tool, is called the 7 Phases. These Phases determine where you start and what it's going to take to get you to your goals quickly and safely.

7 Phases to Optimal Fitness & Performance


We teach 7 Phases to develop optimal fitness. Too many people can’t get passed the first phase because they give up too soon, over-train or don’t know there’s something wrong with their program. "Too much too soon", is the most common mistake a beginner or returning athlete makes. You can't start at the top and you can't start where you left off! You must start where you are!!

Others get bored and don’t know what to do with the fitness level they’ve achieved. After phase three in our program, life gets so exciting. You won’t believe the things you will desire to do as you discover abilities hidden deep inside you. Having the strength and endurance to do them makes a fitness lifestyle so very exciting. I can’t describe it fully, you have to experience it.  

1)     PHASE 1 R/C -- This can take from 30-365 days, it depends on you. In fact, most people never get out of this phase.

      PHASE 2 S – This is where you build your muscles.

3)     PHASE 3 E/S – This is where you build lasting strength.

4)     PHASE 4 T/T – This is where you ___________________________for a goal/achievement.

5)    PHASE 5 D/T – This is where you ___________________________for your goal/achievement.

6)     PHASE 6 M – This is where we help you ____________________________________-Athlete.

PHASE 7 R/E -- This is where we re-calibrate and __________________________________.   

An actual TFO family member.
Regardless of where you are today, we all must start where we are and be dedicated to do the work to get where you really want to be. Skills are mastered when we take the time to organize the course of our journey.  No one wakes up one morning and realizes they are as fit as they can be without paying the price. 

Fact: You don't just fall into a healthy and fit body. It's the result of hard work.

A skinny body is not necessarily a healthy body. In fact, most people who are skinny, are weak. Healthy bodies tend to have curves, mass, density and strength. Eating right and staying fit does not come in a pill, powder or enhancement surgery. It requires positive encouraging statements that drive you when nothing else will. That's why we developed the 5 Pillars of fitness, the statements you develop that speak about you. 

WHY do you think people fail when they try to get fit?

There are probably more reasons why this happens than what we can list and explain on this page. But regardless of the outcome, the #1 reason boils down to one thing, No Planning! Anyone can write down their goals and tell all their friends what they're "gonna do", and "never do"! Let's give them all the benefit of the doubt, let's assume they are all sincere in their desire. However, good intentions get you nowhere! Fitness, wellness or health is to be a lifestyle flowing from the inside out instead of an activity or duty. In church terms it's called grace vs the law.


Your intention to get fit contains the list of "How" and the "Steps" it takes to get the job done! The Fitness Octagon organizes your ideas and planning to help you put things into action. We have seen people dissolve great intentions into pipe dreams they explain with a list of excuses. It would all be a different story if they took the time to plan it out. Just think of the planning it takes to go on vacation, the minute you get on that plane, everything changes! In all fairness, not everyone is good at planning a vacation right? So, there must also be those who can't plan their fitness journey and need help. We provide you with more than enough tools to avoid failure. We'd love to help and hope to post your success story so that it will inspire many to take a chance, commit and plan to change their life.


At some point in life, have you ever started to exercise to get really fit and failed? You are not alone. There are millions of new gym memberships purchased every year that go unused after February. Everybody needs somebody to report to and to get encouragement from. Who is that person you can count on? Would they join you or only support you? If you don't, no problem. We provide you with both, a hard word and the encouragement to persevere. Regardless of how many times you have failed, this time, let's make it a new chapter! What are you waiting for...Get started! 

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