The  Fitness  Octagon


The Laws of 8



Law 1 be as fit as I can be.
When fitness is not a program or chore you have to do, it becomes a lifestyle. Fitness is a must to be healthy and there are NO Short-Cuts! Competing against yourself and doing more or better than you ever thought possible is a lasting fulfillment and greater sense of accomplishment. There is more than crossing the finish-line first, to becoming a winner. As you work to "Be as Fit as you can be" each day, you will be on your way to accomplish what you never did before. What would your life look like if your health and fitness was fun and a great part of your life?
Law 2     FOCUS...on my future.
Where are you going and how will you get there? There will always be bills to play, work to do and people that need your help. But, if you don't have any focus, you will be like a leaf blown by the wind. The world is relentless and not knowing what you want to accomplish, how you will get it done and when you will get it done, will blur your focus. Many people live this way, "spontaneously" they call it. Unfocused it is! Can you write 3 things you've procrastinated on that you will do this week and get them done?
Law 3     FAMILY...always comes first.
Nothing is more important than  those you love! We work hard to provide the best we can to those we have responsibility over and those we cherish.  The best gift you can give them, is a healthy you! Those who surround you with love and happiness care about you more than you know! They are the ones who would encourage your success and celebrate your accomplishments. When they see you healthy, it makes them happy that you're taking care of #1... You! Your new life and your words will encourage them to do fun active family outings and events more often. How are you modeling and encouraging them to be active and desire a healthy fit lifestyle too?
Law 4 achieve the impossible.
Faith is the substance we hope for and evidence of what we don't see! Hope, even when it seems impossible! Peace, when chaos is overwhelming. Regardless of what you believe or think about faith, you are human. All humans have limitations and weaknesses. For centuries mankind has relied on prayer and meditation to find peace or the courage to confront impossible odds. Records are constantly broken even when the odds seem impossible. Living your faith without shame and as a source of strength will help you to achieve the impossible. Think of your current hurdle or barrier, how can your faith help you see yourself on the victorious side?  Matthew 19:26
Law 5 my fuel.
Fuel  for your body or sludge for your heart! What we eat is what we will use to propel us toward fitness or comfort our self-induced doom and gloom. The power to choose is a beautiful thing. No one forces us to eat what we eat day in and day out. I promise you and challenge you to this truth, "Abs are made in the kitchen!" What did you choose yesterday and what changes will you make today?
Law 6     FREEDOM...comes as I conquer my weaknesses.
Whatever holds you back from living a healthy and fit lifestyle, that is your battle. Sometimes it feels like we have too many plates to spin or too many balls to juggle and perfectly good excuses. Be honest, we all have the same basic needs and the same hours each day. So, why is it that some couples with a home and several children make time for all their kid's activities and keep themselves fit? They have a plan. Step back and look at your life and how you manage time and priorities. It's so easy to give in to cycles and excuses that trap you. What do you need to do to get your freedom?
Law 7 fund my focus.
Fitness is not free! But, it's a lot cheaper than the medical costs of sickness and disease brought on by a sedentary lifestyle. Setting aside the finances for your food, gear, and fitness professional is a smart investment for YOURSELF. Just like paying a monthly premium for life insurance for your family is important, so is budgeting for your fitness a top priority. You are the one who benefits from saving and paying for what you need to succeed. What changes do you need to make to fund your fitness?
Law 8 living each day passionately.
There are so many more fun things for you to do when you're fit, than when you're not. Sports, theme parks, Olympics, walk-a-thons, marathons, cycling, etc. are all based on or require a level of fitness to participate. Enjoying exercise is very different than being obsessed with being fit and practically living at the gym. Enjoy what you do to excel in fitness but apply it in various ways in everyday living. How many times do you plan to get out and have fun this month?