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Henry Castillo 2013

Health & Fitness Professional
NFPT Certified Trainer
National Federation of Personal Trainers
TFO Boot-Camp Coach
Physical Therapy Tech

Chiropractic Assistant
Sports Injury Management
Sports Massage Therapy
Provided Sports Massage Therapy to:
 The Arizona Rattlers - 3X Arena Bowl Champions
The Phoenix Mercury - 2014 WMBA Champions

Henry Castillo is the owner and founder of The Fitness Octagon. He has had a successful history as a fitness professional. He was founder and partner with his family of Arizona Muscle and Sports Therapy, now Ollitsac Therapy. He left that business to enter full-time ministry. After years of working as a minister in many churches he decided to retire as pastor and return to the fitness industry he enjoys so much. He is always working on new certifications in related fields to provide the best services for his clients.

Henry has always believed in cross-training even before Crossfit was a rising fitness trend and worked many of his clients with diverse programs. The many years of ministry work kept him busy and fitness was put on a shelf. As a result he gained weight and out of shape. After his retirement, he took the  P90X DVD program for a test drive and fell in love with it until an unfortunate accident unrelated to exercise, ended with a right bicep tear. 

The surgical repair took an unforeseen turn for the worse and left his dominant hand inoperable. After many months of testing and a second surgery to repair a damaged nerve, he began his journey back to recovery. Two years of trial and error in simply returning function to the right arm and hand. Henry still talks about his first curl as being the hardest curl ever...with 3 lbs. Today, his workouts include heavy curls even with limited range in motion. Currently, his various types of push-up workouts can number in the 800's for total reps in 90 minute workouts.  

Henry's determination is, "To be as fit as I can be!", he says. This attitude has taken him to do Crossfit, cycle several times a week and train to run Spartan Race in AZ. 

Henry loves to help people discover their untapped potential and organize a strategy to make it happen for them. He truly cares about the current condition of his clients and the plans they hope to make a reality. 

"Be real, transparent, honest and sincere with everyone and you'll always have friends!" This is something he really believes and lives.

When asked what motivates him he credits his wife for her encouragement and support for over 30 years and sharing him for so many of those years with thousands of church members! He openly shares his love for God, the Bible and living your faith out without guilt or shame but with the utmost respect for others. When asked how he stays so optimistic and always seeking the positive even in tough times he answers, "By knowing we have a new day and where our strength comes from, joy is inevitable!"

Why the name The Fitness Octagon? He answers with a smile and a laughs, I love MMA and my wife thanks God I'm too old to fight in the octagon!  However, looking at the cage, it has 8 sides. What if we make good use of those 8 sides without getting hit and instead assign them a life principle that is applicable in everyday living? And what if those principles helped people live a fitness lifestyle as well as motivate some people to abandon a sedentary or obese lifestyle? And what if it fit all ages, including seniors who want to be active too? What if I can provide them the tools to fight and win for the transformation of their life? Thus the Fitness Octagon was born." 


“The hardest curl I ever did… was 3 pounds!”

By: Henry Castillo

During my early 20's I was inspired by the ROCKY movies to workout and develop the disciplines to be fit. I bought over 150 Muscle & Fitness magazines. I tore out the anatomy, physiology and kinesiology segments and put them in a binder in anatomical order.  Then one day, (30 years later) just like many others out there, I was overweight and sedentary. My wife kept bugging me and asking me, “When are you going to start working-out?” Finally, I got off my fat butt and started P90X. Two months after starting to get in shape, I tore my right bicep. How? Completely unrelated to working-out. After the surgery to repair the bicep, we discovered that my radial nerve was damaged due to surgical error. Four months later, I had to have another surgery to repair the damaged nerve. My arm and hand were disabled and the disability caused atrophy.

Three months after the second surgery, I tried to restart my fitness plan. I tried several times but the pain was so intense that I had to rest a few days and sometimes a few weeks before I could try again. I have the sheets where I wrote…”Restart” several times. During this time, I struggled with doubt, disappointment, depression and a lot of other emotions. But, I was determined to regain full strength in my hand and arm.  Legs were easy, but the pounding and movement aggravated my arm and caused intense pain.


The day came when I could no longer ignore my arm while working out. I took the 3lb dumbbell in my hand and sat on my bench. As I executed the curl, I could not curl without the shaking, pain and tears running down my cheeks. I had to guide my curl with my left hand. Then as I brought the arm down, I did another and another until I could do no more. I was broken inside to know how much I had regressed. I could not do a regular curl as my disability does not allow my wrist to turn properly. I have to do a hammer curl until I get the arm up most of the way. I know the struggle of mental anguish and the lies I revolved in my head about recovery. To this day, I sometimes wear a brace for relief, but my disability and my story do not define me.


This is how I developed TFO. For the past three years, I have competed and finished Spartan Race. Recently, I curled two full 5gal water bottles, one in each hand. Yes, with the same arm that couldn’t curl 3lbs. It has been a long journey but I was not going to give up. How did I stay motivated, determined, committed and consistent to reach success for my arm and body? That’s what The Fitness Octagon is designed to teach you!


TFO is designed to help you develop the lifestyle you’ve dreamed of!