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The Fitness Octagon

Helping people take fitness beyond programs and turn it into a lifestyle.

We combine your everyday living, food and exercise to develop a lifestyle of health and fitness. A lifestyle is shaped by many segments of our lives coming together. It becomes the expression of how we live and who we are. The Fitness Octagon uses the 8 sides of the octagon to establish 8 key principles we call, "The Laws of 8". These laws balance your meal plans, exercise programs, weekend activities and everyday living by organizing them into easy manageable systems.



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How do you manage priorities, health and fitness in life?

The Laws of 8 are designed to help you live a BALANCED & FOCUSED life. Nobody likes to live a stressed life. Many people claim they don't have time  to workout and train or eat healthy. Making adjustments in your life that reorganize your priorities can be key principles toward a genuine transformation.

What drives your goals?

Ever wonder why so many people set goals they never achieve? Too much focus is set on the goal. Goals come and go so there has to be something bigger that drives the desire to set and achieve goals. Something has to drive the passion and focus that meets realistic goals. The 5 Pillars and 8 Laws combined develops your "Why".

What is your mission statement, purpose statement or words that define who you are?

The 5 Pillars are powerful statements and commitments you make to yourself. Here you learn what it means to be "True to Yourself". No more telling yourself, "Some Day" or making excuses. The pillars are statements of encouragement to yourself.

When you exercise, what is too much,  too little or perfect for you?

Not everyone is at the same fitness level or train the same. Just think about the difference in gender and age groups then add intensity and recovery time. Health history and or previous surgeries. Fitness levels are designed to mark your baseline and safely increase for optimum fitness performance. In the Basics page there are 7 points for beginners.

How do you know you are doing your best and what's next? 

The 7 Fitness Phases identifies where you are and what it takes to increase  your fitness level. Nobody starts at the top, everyone at one point or another has to re-condition or retrain muscles, cardiovascular and overall performance.

How do you manage eating healthy food?

Diet- is a four letter word! They don't work! There are so many of them that it is confusing! On the other hand, Meal Planning has proven to be the most successful system to manage eating healthy. There is so much to gain by meal planning that it's too expensive to do anything else.

Transforming your life requires commitment, dedication, time and budgeting for foods, services, products and supplements.  Losing 20lbs for a reunion or wedding is not a lifestyle change, it's just a temporary weight loss goal. Most of these goals fail the test of time. Life transformation is a series of many goals put together in the right order. As these goals are accomplished, a new series of goals emerge and the cycle continues.

For many people, a changed life is just not enough. What they  truly want, is a TRANSFORMED  LIFE. 

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OCR Training
Obstacle Course Racing
2018 Season 
starts Saturday October 7th.
Pre-Season September 1st

Come learn:
5 Keys to take your training 
to another level.

Skills to kill your  
next mudrace.

Workouts to help you finish 
your race strong.

Movements that make your gym workouts 
fun and effective.

OCR Training Boot-Camp targets overall strength and conditioning. We utilize various terrains such as desert  for running, dragging, throwing, flipping heavy equipment. Park grass sections for military drills and running. Mountain hike/run for elevation and development of horsepower.

All exercise is monitored to ensure it meets your fitness level.

For Questions email us

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Finish line at Spartan Race 2013

2/9/13 Arizona

Wind 10.4 mph

Windchill 30.2 degrees

Temp 48.2

Humidity 100%-53%

Why the name The Fitness Octagon?    I can't help but smile and a laugh anytime someone asks me that. I love MMA and my wife thanks God I'm too old to fight! I'd be tempted if they had 1 minute rounds with a 5 minute break!

Anyway, the cage has 8 sides!

1-What if we make good use of those 8 sides without getting hit and instead assign a life principle that is applicable in everyday living?

2-What if those principles helped people live a fitness lifestyle?

3-And what if it could also help people who want to abandon a sedentary or an obese lifestyle?

4-And what if it fit all ages, including seniors who want to be active and individuals with physical disabilities too?

Thus The Fitness Octagon was born." 

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Spartan Race



2018 AZ 

Will offer 2 Race Courses