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noun \ˈfit-nəs\   (Medical Dictionary)

1:  the quality or state of being fit

2:  the capacity of an organism to survive and transmit its genotype to reproductive offspring as compared to competing organisms; also :  the contribution of an allele or genotype to the gene pool of subsequent generations as compared to that of other alleles or genotypes


          1)            health,

          2)            healthiness,

          3)            heartiness,

          4)            robustness,

          5)            sap,

          6)            soundness,

          7)            verdure,

          8)            wellness,

          9)            wholeness,

        10)            wholesomeness



          illness, sickness, unhealthiness, unsoundness


Related Words

          fettle, shape; cleanliness, hygiene; hardiness, lustiness, robustiousness, ruggedness, stamina, strength, toughness, vigor, vigorousness, vitality; 

          bloom, flush, flushness; activeness, agility, liveliness, spryness; weal, welfare, well-being


Near Antonyms

           debility, decrepitude, feebleness, frailness, infirmity, lameness, sickliness, weakness; ailment, condition, disease, disorder, malady, trouble




OK, so did you read anything in there that said that fitness means "Skinny"? We have seen people who appear to be a healthy and after blood work, we discover they are not. Fitness is more than the appearance of health, it's a state of mental, emotional and physical conditioning too, don't you agree? Fitness is much more than pumping iron!

Being overweight

Is simply an indicator that your intake overpowers your output. How long this has been going on, is measured in pounds. A minority of people suffer from a far more complicated problems but studies show that for the majority of the population, sedentary disease is the base cause of millions of deaths every year due to inactivity. Read the W.H.O. study on Sedentary disease on the blog page. Regardless if you are skinny and weak or carry too many pounds, your mind is the first place to start for changing your place to start for changing your destiny.


If you've done Crossfit, you will cheer on this one. The first few times you go to a session, you don't want to know everything you will do the next 60 minutes. And when you're done, you can't believe what you just did! They don't ask you if you can do the next exercise. If they did, you would spend the next 10 minutes giving excuses, right? Your success in making fitness a lifestyle will be more mental than physical. Your body will follow your brain if you have the right motivators in place.


As you launch off into a new lifestyle, you will encounter the mental battles that influence you to do the things you are accustomed doing. Changing your "Mindset" is the biggest battle you will face. Go to the Fitness tab and read the Basics page. 

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WHY- do you need a trainer? 
  * Most people (95%) need a professional to assess their current overall condition and a personally designed program that fits them. It's rare to have a workout friend or relative that works out with you and has taken hours of formal education in anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and is certified to help you. 

 * What about using DVDs?  Click here to learn about the "Pros" and dangerous "Cons" you need to know when using these tools.
WHEN- do you want to start?
  * Many people wait for the stars to align just right before they do something about many things especially training. Procrastination, indecision and excuses are big hurdles when you're working toward a fit lifestyle.
The hurdle to overcome, is the fear of failure. One of the most important life-skills to learn is never make decisions based on fear. "For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind" (The Bible) Another important life skill, is to surround yourself with people who support and encourage you to succeed. 

Read our BASICS page which contains many FAQs to help you move forward. Write "START" on your personal calendar today and list the steps you need to take to make it happen.
HOW- do you find a good trainer?
Before I answer that question keep in mind that the trainer is also looking for good clients. To find a good trainer is way easier than you think. If you are a great client, you get to pick and chose. As a fitness professional, I can tell you that you need some one who is focused on your goals, results and is genuinely engaged in your progress as much as you are. 
WHAT- is a fair price?
Ask youurself, "what's it worth to me?" Make sure you and the fitness professional communicate well/connect. Also, make sure that the cost fits your budget consistently for at least 12 months. You are investing in yourself and your future. Ask any Crossfitter what they pay. The average is $120 per month for about 3 workouts per week that are a bout 60 minutes long. Ask them if it's worth it! (You bet! Every Penny) Did you know that some people spend more money second guessing and spending on quality professional guidance. They delay their results by avoiding hiring  a professional who will help them achieve optimal results without guessing. If you think it's too expensive, do the math and count the cost.