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K-Taping applications can assist muscles in motion and reduce pain. Any athlete who has had Kinesio Tape applied will testify how effective K-Taping helped them stay strong and perform well while recovering. Today, you can see athletes in every sport from Olympics to kids soccer using tape to reduce pain, encourage healing, assist movement and reduce down time. 

Do you have pain? Come in and we'll tape it for you! You'll love it and use it to heal and reduce muscle/joint pain without pills.

Muscle & Sports Therapy

Is the working and stretching of muscles to enhance performance, improve circulation, accelerate recovery and reduce post workout soreness. This is the latest addition to our services. Working on pro athletes in the AFL (Arizona Rattlers 3X Champions) and WMBA (Phoenix Mercury 2014 Champions) and watching their improvement in performance and recovery can give you the edge on results. 

Keeping muscles and joints healthy helps avoid injury caused by muscle fatigue, cramping, overuse and restricted range in motion. Reducing tension and tightness in muscles also aides in ATP production and use. Don't knock it till you try it! 

Pre or Post Surgery
Applying a fitness program and muscle and sports therapy before or after you have surgery can maximize recovery.

Working in a physical therapy facility, I see patients every day that come in to prevent surgery or recover from surgery. But a common problem is that they let themselves become weak and suffer atrophy in muscle tissue because they do nothing to maintain the rest of the body which is not affected by the injury. 

Let's say that you have to have a right knee replacement. You still have 3 good limbs and a core that can become strong and maintained healthy before and after surgery. We see patients every day that are weak and take  a lot longer than necessary simply because they were in pain and did nothing to maintain the rest of their body.  If they were strong and healthy before surgery they would accelerate the recovery phase after surgery because physical therapy would be more effective. They don't need to let the rest of the body lose strength and health because "A" single body part is injured. 

When should I use ICE and when do I use HEAT?
This is a common debate but the biological facts, are facts! 

Basics 101
--Ice reduces inflammation and controls pain.
--Heat increases fluid/blood where it's applied.

 Typically a new injury requires ice. Anytime inflammation and or pain are present, Ice helps reduce them both. R.I.C.E. stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. In other words, wrap it with ice lay down and elevate the injury above your body for a period of time, typically 15 minutes or less about 2-3 times. 15 on, 15 off.

It is typical to be instructed to apply ice packs Post surgery.

Heat increases flexibility and mobility. That's why you warm-up before training and stretch after. Warmth increases body fluids. A hot pack targets the increase of fluids to a specific area. Caution: Do Not sleep with hot pad on nor apply them for long periods of time. This is very dangerous.

Learn how you can apply ice  or heat and one more thing to get better results than anti-inflammatory pills. Email us to find out how.

Transforming your life requires commitment, dedication, time and budgeting for foods, services, products and supplements.  Losing 20lbs for a reunion or wedding is not a lifestyle change, it's just a temporary weight loss goal. Most of these goals fail the test of time. Life transformation is a series of many goals put together in the right order. As these goals are accomplished, a new series of goals emerge and the cycle continues.

For many people, a changed life is just not enough. What they  truly want, is a TRANSFORMED  LIFE. 

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