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Training Packs


30 Day Workout (Low-Medium intensity)
is like 1 ROUND of low-medium intensity training. It's a perfect trial size that's power packed to get you started and leave you with the big decision to take it to the next level. This includes a daily tracker and guide for every day activity for 30 days as well as several educational sessions. It all starts with your basic fitness assessment. Try it, you'll love it!

90 Day Workout Guide  (Low-Medium Intensity)

BASIC TRAINING is like training for 3 ROUNDS of competition against the old you. It includes a Workout Guide and Daily Tracker that tells you what your workout is every day for 90 Days. It is set to provide you a 2X2 workout program. This is 2 days of resistance training and 2 days of cardio.

Perfect for anyone getting started or ready to develop a transition to a more serious level.


300 Day Workout Guide- (Mid-Level Intensity)

ATHLETE TRAINING is like training for 5 ROUNDS in the main event to defeat the old you and all of it's baggage in front of your daily audience of friends, family and peers. This includes the  3 Workout Guides and easy to use Daily Tracker sheets that tell you what your workout is every day for 300 Days. It is set to provide you a 3X2 workout program. This is 3 days of resistance training and 2 days of cardio.

This is ideal for the individual who is determined to establish a good track record while maintaining their health and fitness habits with success. This will take your fitness training to a challenging level.

300 Day Workout Guide- (High-Level Intensity)

PRO-ATHLETE TRAINING is like training for 5 ROUNDS in the main event for your title fight. You will wear the champion's belt defeating anything that resembles the old you.This includes the 3 Workout Guides and easy to use daily tracker sheets that tell you what your workout is every day for 300 Days. It is set to provide you a 3X3 workout program. This is 3 days of resistance training and 3 days of cardio.

This package is for the serious individual who has a goal set and in health and fitness or that person who is committed to a total transformation.

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Weekends - (Low- Medium- High Level Intensity)

OCR TRAINING BOOT CAMPS - - - You Must Pre-Register through the website!

Boot camps run October-May during cooler weather 7-9:00am on Saturday mornings.

(High Intensity athletes might train until 9:30.) 

A Pre-Season Training camp starts in September for the early birds and also includes an outstanding Season Pass price.

December and January may start at 8:00 due to sunrise.

Intensity is regulated to ensure all participants are Safe

 and WORK within the scope of their ability. 

We focus on combining 5 Key Fitness Development Drivers

Strength Speed Power Endurance Work


Muscle & Sports Therapy

Is the working and stretching of muscles to enhance performance, improve circulation, accelerate recovery and reduce post workout soreness. This is the latest addition to our services. Working on pro athletes in the AFL (Arizona Rattlers 3X Champions) and WMBA (Phoenix Mercury 2014 Champions) and watching their improvement in performance and recovery can give you the edge on results.

Keeping muscles and joints healthy helps avoid injury caused by muscle fatigue, cramping, overuse and restricted range in motion. Reducing tension and tightness in muscles also aides in ATP production and use. Don't knock it till you try it!

Muscle & Sports Therapy
Pre or Post Surgery
Applying a fitness program and muscle and sports therapy before or after you have surgery can maximize recovery.

Working in a physical therapy facility, I see patients every day that come in to prevent surgery or recover from surgery. But a common problem is that they let themselves become weak and suffer atrophy in muscle tissue because they do nothing to maintain the rest of the body which is not affected by the injury.

Let's say that you have to have a right knee replacement. You still have 3 good limbs and a core that can become strong and maintained healthy before and after surgery. We see patients every day that are weak and take  a lot longer than necessary simply because they were in pain and did nothing to maintain the rest of their body.  If they were strong and healthy before surgery they would accelerate the recovery phase after surgery because physical therapy would be more effective. They don't need to let the rest of the body lose strength and health because "A" single body part is injured.

We hear of professional sports athletes who have surgery and recover faster than the average person. What do they do to achieve that? They were in great condition before the injury and maintain in great condition after the surgery without damaging or hurting the area in recovery. Sometimes, after minor surgery, they return to play in record time.

They can't afford to stay on the injured list and out of the game. Neither can you!
You don't have to be a pro to recover faster than the average person. Regardless of your age and condition, the starting point is up to you.

Professional or new sports athletes all suffer soft tissue pulls, strains, soreness and injuries. Weekend warriors are also prone to injuries because they rest all week and play/train hard on the weekend. The first time they suffer an injury, they think they're done or ignore it and make it worse. Some even come up with self-diagnosis based on something they read online.

Muscle and sports therapy does not replace physical therapy, but it's an alternative to maintain or rehabilitate injuries, stiffness and prevent muscle injury. Working on your body, maintaining its function, movement and strength is a must if you plan to be as fit as you can be.

You can't afford to lose focus and guess how to recover. Stay healthy and be wise. Soft tissue injuries can be remedied easily through basic care. Muscle and sports therapy keeps you at your peak and aids recovery of your muscles. It's designed to minimize the effects of  overworked muscles or tendons. This is more important than the maintenance of your vehicle...you can buy another car but you only get ONE body. Why not take excellent care of it, it's the only place you will live in.