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Old Guys Rule!
A long time ago a client came to get muscle and sports therapy to rehab a shoulder. He was in amazing shape like the guy on the photo. He was 53 years old. I asked him what was his secret to be in such great shape, then he told me his story:

It wasn't always this way...Henry! On my 50th birthday my daughter brought the grand kids over to celebrate my birthday. The kids ran to me as I laid back on my La-z-boy. The 3 year old climbed up the footer and the 2 year old wanted me to lift her up over the side...I struggled but did it. They both sat on my lap and drumming on my big fat belly they repeatedly screamed, "Happy Birthday Grandpa" at the top of their lungs! Streams of tears ran down my face! As my wife and daughter looked on, I heard my wife tell my daughter, "Oh, he's so happy!"

I never had the guts to tell them that my tears were from grief, not joy. As those kids drummed on my big fat gut, I knew I would never see them grow up or be a part of their lives as they became beautiful young adults. At that moment I realized I was closer to dead than alive. So, the very next day, I went and withdrew a large amount of money from my 401k. I hired a personal trainer, a nutritionist, a personal counselor and paid them all along with a gym membership for 1 whole year. I gave myself the best gift I could give myself...a healthy lifestyle. What you see, is what I have done repeatedly for 3 years and have no regrets.

"It wasn't always this way", I still use those very words he shared with me to this very day. 

FATHER'S DAY, MOTHER'S DAY, ANNIVERSARY, BIRTHDAY, CHRISTMAS Any day, is a great day to give someone you love the gift for a changed lifestyle. Most people will not make it a priority but if you are tired of seeing them in that condition, you can be part of their life transformation by starting them off.

Sometimes you have to give them what they will not give themselves. Who is that special person in your family that needs help and how can we work together to change their condition? How can we help you move them forward? 

Contact us and tell us your story. Who is on your mind and heart to help and why?

#1 Advantages- age is on your side. Super Fit is a very real possibility.
#2 Biggest hurdle- conquering excuses
#3 Hardest- change eating habits...habits.
#4 Painful- paying for it, tend to look for the cheapest deals.  

#1 Advantages- age is still on your side. Super Fit is a very real possibility.
#2 Biggest hurdle- aches. pains and old injuries
#3 Hardest- making you the #1 priority.
#4 Painful- have the money but not  a priority, tend to look for the cheapest deals.  

#1 Advantages- wisdom to work smarter for results that matter. Super Fit is a stretch.
#2 Biggest hurdle- time is ticking and old set ways are hard to shake off!
#3 Hardest- deal with the fact that you can't keep up with the younger athletes.
#4 Painful- getting up stiff and sore. Don't care if you pay more if you get results.  
*  Beginner- No consistent fitness activity since high school or after marriage or the kids were born.

*  Intermediate- Some activity or weekend physical activity. Riding the golf cart does not count!

*  Active- Gym, cycle or other exercise of over 60 minutes 3x per week.

*  Super Fit- Crossfit, cross train, endurance/obstacle, competitive mud racing,  triathlete, ironman